My Top 5 Wine Blogs – February ‘10

I’m looking for something fresh. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

1. DRINKS ARE ON ME: “Ever read a wine review that didn’t make sense? That’s not what I do. I once read a review that likened a white wine to “the sound of a flute in a still meadow.” What the fuck does that even mean?! Plain and simple, you won’t find that shit here. I write in a language all can understand and lack pretentiousness.” – Dale Cruse, Blogger

SUV crushed by WINE

That's a Big, Powerful Wine! - DRINKS ARE ON ME

Previous Position: #1. Despite Dale’s most recent post “Going Public With My Weight Loss,” (February 07, 2010) this blog remains #1 in my list. It’s short, it’s ‘quippy,’ and the pictures never fail to please. Don’t miss the special contributions of flash fiction based on a single photo, such as “Wanting the Last Drop,” (January 27, 2010.)

2. The Palate Press: “A modern on-line wine magazine, seeking out and publishing the very best wine writers and writings on the internet.” – About The Palate Press

Previous Position: #3. Despite a seemingly constant flurry of oh-too-standard wine reviews (available mostly everywhere,) The Palate Press climbs a spot on my list by merit of some incredible editorials that are fresh and inviting. Examples such as “Big Chili, Bold Wines,” (January 24, 2010) and  “The On-Premise Silver Lining: When Restaurants Get Wine Right,” (February 2, 2010) keep me reading, and keeps them climbing. Extra points for their contributions to the Wine For Haiti auctions, a successful program for a good cause.

3. Steve Heimoff: “Today, Steve remains an important fixture at Wine Enthusiast magazine, as the West Coast Editor. He writes columns, feature stories, news stories, web pieces, and he reviews about 4,500 California wines a year.” – About Steve Heimoff

Previous Position: #2. An excellent journalist and blogger with inside access to the industry’s most exciting events, Steve drops to the #3 spot by no fault of his own: it’s just that his articles are more lengthy, and I’ve got less and less time. However, his writing is every bit worth the time it takes to read (which, come on, in reality, isn’t hardly anything at all – just a page or so?) — and he garners the most lively discussion on each of his articles, averaging somewhere around 20 intuitive reader comments per post. Look for his shorter, blocked-together tidbits, such as the “Wednesday Wraparound” (Januarary 13, 2010) and the “Friday Fishwrap,” (January 22, 2010.)

4. Fementation: The Daily Wine Blog: “A Blog set inside the world of wine public relations-where the media, the culture, and I mingle.”

Previous Position: Not Ranked. This one is easy; he’s political, he’s opinionated, he likes to outline points in red and bold-faced font, and he even gets my blood boiling on issues. I don’t always agree, but I always love to read. And then he surprises with such gems as “Meditations On A Flat Surface,” (February 4, 2010) where it is neither political nor opinionated; it’s personal, vulnerable, and in it’s own way — very profound. Tom Wark earns his spot on this list.

5. Vinography: “A respected source for non-mainstream wine writing, and one of the most influential wine blogs on the Internet…Vinography publishes new content daily to a global readership.” – About Vinography

Previous Position: #4. Vineography is a great resource, but they slip a spot, mainly because it lacks the personal appeal of the other listed blogs. They are a great spot for keeping current with the industry and leading events; but they necessarily are a bit lackluster in the overall engagement and reading experience. Still, a place to keep abreast with the who’s-and-what’s of the wine world. They are a solid round-out for the top 5 of my list.

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